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Medical Management
Continued Education

We operate under the principle that medical costs should be managed by the payors and employers together to help reduce the costs of delivering quality healthcare services. SCM provides programs that concentrate on appropriate utilization of treatment, early intervention, case management, vocational rehabilitation, medical treatment guidelines, bill review auditing and pharmacy management programs. We believe that these combined services helps to ensure total reduction in overall claims costs to our clients. We are passionate about helping clients realize greater financial resources that can be ultimately reinvested back into their businesses.  Because our program delivers results, we likewise provide training and continuing education to clients who are committed to investing in staff augmentation, growth and development.

Automobile Liability
General Liability Professional Liability

Protect what matters to you with peace of mind knowing that when accidents occur, SCM understands that managing the most complex liability exposures is key to success in managing your business.  Regardless of the type of industry, we bring creative solutions to help our clients take care of their customers. Our unique service approach ensures protection of your brand and early resolution of claims fairly and equitably. We are passionate about helping to restore human lives post accidents after the experience of facing bodily injuries and/or property damages.  You can count on us to deliver!

Worker's Compensation
Short Term (STD)
Long Term (LTD)  
Family Med Leave Act (FMLA) 


When Your Employees Matter, SCM stands in the gap for you.  We understand the financial strain when employees are absent due to injuries or out of work for other reasons can have on your as employers. That's why we have designed systems utilizing creative solutions that delivers specific, measurable, and reliable results to both private and public sector businesses. We are passionate about helping clients increase productivity and contain the costs of disability and leave management. 

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